About Us

China Painting or more correctly Porcelain Art is a fascinating creative subject which can become quite addictive. 
Various inorganic powder paints are mixed with a variety of oils or solvents and applied in different techniques to bone china or other porcelains. 

Sometimes called Over glaze painting, the painted china is fired in a kiln, sometimes 3 to a dozen times after every further  application of paint,
when the paint sinks into the glaze, building up different depths of colour and  effects. 

So one does not need to be a painter already before taking it up, although an interest in drawing and decoration is helpful. 
Many of our group have their own kilns at home and can help those who don’t.   

  As many of our members are experienced China Painters we do not have a tutor, instead helping each other.
Most of us are members of the Canterbury Porcelain Art Group where we get fellowship, instruction and encouragement 

      We meet on  TUESDAY  mornings from 10am till 12md. in the school terms, in one of the downstairs workrooms at the Old Stone House  

Interested visitors are very welcome.